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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Raphael Morans "Dream Reavers" issue 1 is coming out from Ape Entertainment. In issue 1 I inked pages 14-18 over Atul Bakshi. So go check it out it's awesome!

Heres a quick rundown of "Dream Reavers"
“On their 16th birthday, four teens from around the world all fell into a strange and sudden coma. One by one they broke free from their prison of dreams to realize there is another reality beyond the veil of sleep. This place is called Astral. Nightmarish creatures called “Spooks” have taken over every crevice of the land. Unwillingly caught in a war they don’t understand, these kids are the only ones that can stop them before the Spooks find their way into our world.”

"Dream Reavers" oficial
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comic attack talks "Dream Reavers"

I'm working on a few short stories for Skipper Martins Bizarre New World. If you haven't go check out his page he's got a whole slew of talented artists and writers pumping out short stories set in his Bizarre New World.

"Down to Earth"
"Downward Trajectory"
and currently getting down with "SDCC"

"Bizarre New World" official page